Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Magnetic Resonnance Force Microscopy

I was reading a press release from IBM about a technique called Magnetic Resonnance Force Microscopy(MRFM). Through this technique, one could acheive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with a volume resolution 100 million times finer than conventional MRI which is really impressive. Moreover, the technique could be extremely usefull for 3D imaging of small viruses or proteins. The image shows the set up of the apparatus.

The magnetic resonance force microscope (MRFM) is a novel scanned probe instrument which combines the three-dimensional imaging capabilities of magnetic resonance imaging with the high sensitivity and resolution of atomic force microscopy. It will enable non-destructive, chemical-specific, high-resolution microscopic studies and imaging of subsurface properties of a broad range of materials. This technology holds clear potential for atomic-scale resolution.
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Here is a recent journal article published in ' proceedings of the national academy of sciences' where you can find more detailed and scientific explanations about the technique:
Degen et al., ''nanoscale magnetic resonance imaging'', the article is in the presse( published already online),

There is a video on youtube that explains simply how the system works:


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