Friday, February 29, 2008

Bravo® Catheter–free pH Monitoring System

Use of wireless systems in medical devices brings in most of cases more comfort and less damage to the patient. As an example one can name the Bravo pH monitoring system of Medtronics.

The catheter-free Bravo pH Monitoring System is a pH testing with a capsule that collects pH data and transmits it via radio frequency telemetry to a small external pager-sized receiver worn by the patient.

The ambulatory pH test has long been referred to as the "gold standard" for diagnosing reflux disease. This test provides information about the duration, pattern and symptom correlation of distal esophageal acid exposure from gastro-esophageal reflux(GER).

compared to conventional methods associated with using catheter pH systems, this method:

  • Allows patients to maintain regular diet and activities
  • Minimizes throat and nasal discomfort
  • Allows physicians to extend pH data collection to 48 hours — 24 hours beyond the recording capability of conventional catheter systems
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